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Vijay Raisinghani

Vijay Kumar Raisinghani

Vijay Raisinghani is  an avid proponent of Healthy and Holistic Living and Natural Health. Besides being an Active Meditator, he also has interests in various fields like Spirituality, Meditation, Buddhism and Zen. The Author has his profile on stumbleupon at http://vijayraisinghani.stumbleupon.com



  1. Hello sir,
    My name is James Stirparo. I am from delaware USA. I have been reading alot of your post on the the internet. One inparticular stands out Tratak. I started a business a few years ago and have been having a hard time with my mental focus. It almost feels like I have a fog over my brain not allowing me to think clearly. I have been to many doctors for the problem with no luck. I would very very thankful if you would please email me with some more information on this tratak practice and any other information you feel may be helpful.
    As I said before I have been a big fan of your post and would be very thankful for any help.

    • Hello James,

      Meditation can really help you immensely in improving your concentration levels, achieving greater relaxation and stress relief. Tratak, Vipassana, Yoga Nidra and Breath meditation are some of the meditation techniques that you can try and benefit from.

      You can find greater details regarding these meditation techniques and more on my website http://www.meditation-techniques-guide.com/

      Specific information on Tratak and how you can do it is given on the page – http://www.meditation-techniques-guide.com/tratak.html

      Wishing you greater peace and blissfulness in life!

  2. Jai Gurudev!

    Just saw this site. Its really great. Kudos to you!


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