Posted by: Vijay | September 8, 2008

La…La…La…Gibberish Your Mind To Ecstacy. Hurrah !!

Gibberish originally uploaded by m u s h u l i n o ©.

We all have faced this common problem of constant chattering that goes on in our mind for hours. Human Mind is a chatter box. We don’t need anyone else to do the talking. We can talk to our own self for hours. We talk when we are awake, we also talk when we are asleep – in dreams also. Dreams are the pictorial manifestation of the chattering that mind does during sleep.


A constant monologue is happening. Mind is neurotic and this habit of the mind does a lot of harm to us in many ways. In fact, we unanimously agree that no one has harmed us more than our uncontrollable chattering mind. We don’t know how to still our mind and how to put an end to this constant blabbering.


Due to this continuous chattering and non-stop working, the mind is unable to get any noticeable rest and relaxation even in sleep. The chatting and thinking also leads to stress and various negative emotions. This leads to the brain cells and neurons to be in a constant stress and anxiety. As we know that brain neurons are the most delicate and sensitive, this stress leads to their excessive wear and tear. Those damaged neurons are not easily replaceable.


This built up pressure does lot of harm in the long term. It ruins our memory, concentration and ability to learn new things in life. We feel fatigued, worn out and very frustrated with our life. We are unable to see the beauty and various colours of life due to this non-stop futile activity of the mind, on which we seem to have no control whatsoever.


There is an easy way out and it does not cost anything. A beautiful meditation technique does the trick and helps release all the pressure from our freaked out minds. The meditation is known as Gibberish Meditation. It was introduced by ‘Gabar’ , a wonderful Christian mystic. The word ‘Gibberish’ has originated from this technique that was taught by him.


Gibberish Meditation is an excellent tool to release pent up thoughts and emotions out of the mind and enter into silence. All that needs to be done is that we have to gaze into the sky for ten to fifteen minutes. Then we need to start singing la…la…la… During the course of this meditation, we need to keep everything else at bay and just forget everything else, just sing la…la…la…. Soon it begins to change its colour, sounds may change into words, maybe even foreign words.


Continue this way for around twenty minutes. Bring out everything from inside, all the repressed thoughts. A great relaxation arises from this. Let the sky be the witness. And if the body begins to move, let it sway. At the end, lie down on the ground and be silent for a while. A deep silence dawns upon the mind. Lesser and lesser thoughts arise now, we are in a state of blissthe bliss of NO-MIND.


Gibberish Meditation is an effective cleansing process and when practised regularly, it prepares us for deeper meditation. Its an easy way to experience the bliss of silence. Beautiful is the silence that arises when the mind is at rest and is not involved in useless chattering. Much energy is saved and that energy becomes an ecstacy for us.


Anandmurti Gurumaa is a Contemporary Enlightened Mystic of our times and her effective techniques and teachings have made meditation and Blissful living as easy as a child’s play. Gibberish Meditation is just one pearl out of her vast treasure of meditations. Little did we know that it was so easy to Gibberish our way out of the chattering of the mind and enter the divine world of Bliss and silence.


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