Posted by: Vijay | August 26, 2008

Love, Meditate and Celebrate : The Gurumaa Mantra



Love, Meditate & Celebrate

Love, Meditate & Celebrate

Love, Meditate and Celebrate – This is the Mantra of Beautiful living that has been suggested by the Contemporary Enlightened Master – Anandmurti Gurumaa. Her teachings can be summarised in the three words – Love, Meditation and Celebration. These are the three essential ingredients for the complete man of the 21st Century.

 Anandmurti Gurumaa is a Contemporary Woman Master. The word Anandmurti literally means ‘an embodiment of divine bliss’ and Gurumaa means ‘Master Mother’. Anandmurti Gurumaa, true to her name, is a master, a mother and an embodiment of Bliss. She is an exquisite confluence of divine love and sharp intelligence. She is a mystic, a poet at heart with a scientific aptitude by intellect and possesses a strong personality.

Its unbelievable that all these amazing attributes exist together is one person. But its absolutely true. Gurumaa is very pragmatic in her approach towards life and is a wonderful personality who is giving hope and spiritual path to seekers worldwide to achieve Buddha hood in this very lifetime. Its hard to find such great persons in today’s time, which can truly guide the spiritual aspirants and enhance their spiritual growth by their rich experience.


Being an intellectual person is easy, but it is not easy to be simple and adaptable at the same time. Gurumaa is the best of both worlds. She talks extempore on various subjects like Zen, Sufi, Upanishad, Buddhism, Bard Sages, Philosophy, Art, History and Yoga. Her knowledge and Guidance is not mere words, but she helps the spiritual journey of the seekers by her deepest insights on these subjects.


Gurumaa is a master who speaks to the modern mind using ancient wisdom such as Vedas, Sufism and Buddhism. She has an excellent sense of Humour and explains the deepest spiritual topics in the most lucid manner, such that it penetrates the hearts and minds of the listeners. She can be called a true Meditation Maestro in that sense.


The simple yet powerful teachings of Gurumaa have a life changing impact. She has given many beautiful meditation techniques, which are easy to do and very powerful. A very difficult issue such as Meditation has been made very simple and easy as a ‘child’s play’ by Gurumaa’s Guidance. She has spoken widely on the topics of meditation, truth, mind, prayer, devotion, yoga, art of living and many more.


Her videos are available on her official website. She has authored many excellent books also which can illuminate the path of the spiritual seekers.Her presence is like an oasis of love in this world which is burning with issues like hatred, terrorism, competition and hypocrisy. She is the Buddha of the 21st century and is the ray of hope in our dark night of ignorance.


The philosophy and teachings of Gurumaa adopt a holistic approach. Love, Meditate and Celebrate – these encompass the totality with which one should live his life. Just imagine the beauty and joy that would arise with such a rightful and complete living. Gurumaa gives us the way to make life such a pleasure to live. Her philosophy is not just for the spiritual thinkers, but they are most practical, that even the most common person can adopt them and successfully bring into his daily living.


It is our great fortune that such personalities do exist in our times. We can greatly enhance our lives and make it much more joyful by the simple yet powerful teachings of Gurumaa. In a true sense, our quest for everlasting happiness and spiritual fulfilment ends at Gurumaa.






  1. param pujya gurumaa is master on each every religious subjects. her meditative voice cure all pains in life if you want to see more blessing videos of gurumaa just visit

  2. I would like to take dikkha from u, guru I am a Bangladeshi, I fond of u, what necessary important factor will be considered for it. Maa pls response me kindly ASAP, really grateful ti u.thanks infinitive.

    • Hello Prodip,

      It is great that you like the teachings of Anandmurti Gurumaa and would like to take “Deeksha” from her. You can get further details from their official website . There you can find the meditation workshops to be held in the ashram, the ashram address and all details that you would like to know.

      You can also find numerous videos of Gurumaa on topics like meditation, spirituality, truth, devotion, tantra, mantra and lots more. Wishing you all the very best for your spiritual journey!


  3. Peace and light,

    I enjoy your blog site.
    I hope all is unfolding in your life in ease, joy, harmony, and abundance!!!
    Have a great 2011!!!

    Bright blessings,

    Ten Nebula

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