Posted by: Vijay | August 26, 2008

Discovering the True Bliss Within : Beyond Boundaries Meditation

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We all have enjoyed much pleasures and joys in our lives, but they have all passed and vanished away with the source through which we achieved them. They can be defined as the Material Pleasures where the source of happiness is somewhere outside. But the problem with such pleasure is that it is as perishable as are all material objects in the Outer World.


How many times have we wondered and questioned ourselves when is the day of pure Bliss and Ecstasy going to come in my life which will not go? The mind answers maybe sometime in the near future that much awaited day is finally going to come. Its just a sheer hope and we have no idea in our mind how true Bliss is finally going to come.


For achieving True and Permanent Bliss within, its important that the object of Pleasure is permanent and within us. Meditation is the means to achieve ever lasting joy within. Meditation is the bathing of the mind, it is the unloading of pain, stress and confusions. Through Meditation, one can achieve this state of peace and tranquillity very easily.


What is Meditation? In pure essence, Meditation is a state of inactive and passive witnessing of the Mind. As we watch the mind patiently and watch the rattling of thoughts, we start being unattached to them. Thus we also begin to be unattached to the mind. Its just like sitting by the side of a pond and watching the mud settle down in the water after a storm has just passed by. Nothing is needed to be done on our part to settle the mud below on the bottom of the pond. It happens on its own accord, as the mud is heavy and its nature is to sink to the bottom.


Watching the mind passively, soon this awareness dawns upon us that we are not mind, we are not the body, we are not the intellect. This understanding is not imaginative or a  philosophical statement, but its an experience. This is the beginning of a revolution in us. Normally, mind functions like a rock and keeps us pinned down. Awareness gives us the freedom from this slavery of the mind.


Once we understand this that we are not the mind and this identification with the mind breaks, we get a glimpse of our true Buddha hood. We get a glimpse of the beyond and true benediction dawns on us immediately. We come to know that we are immortal, life and death cannot bind us. We are Free from Slavery, once and for all. So, the Key is to learn to alienate ourselves from the mind.


There is a very beautiful Meditation Technique that gives us this master key to be free of the identification with the mind. It is called Beyond Boundaries Meditation. As the name suggests, it gives us the experience that we are existent beyond all boundaries, beyond all the limitations of the mind. We enter a feeling of great expansion that knows no bounds, a life of awareness without any agitation whatsoever.


This beautiful technique is created by the Contemporary Enlightened Mystic- Anandmurti Gurumaa. It was once a closely guarded meditation technique by the Zen Masters and was revealed only when the disciple had passed many difficult tests. But now it has been made available to all. It is a loving gift from the Master. The meditation can be done easily using the pre-recorded meditation album. It carries easy-to-follow instructions for meditation and is supported by beautiful and elevating music.


Meditation is not at all difficult when we use the right technique and the right approach towards it. A Realized Master knows the intricate workings of the mind and knows the right way to be unattached to it. One can achieve great heights of consciousness and Bliss by the rich experience of the Master. Little did we know that Nirvana and True Bliss were just a footstep away. The Guidance of the Master makes Meditation a sheer joy and as easy as a child’s play.



  1. You mentioned “But now it has been made available to all”…. can you help me pointing out where can I find the resources I need?

  2. Beyond Boundaries Meditation is an excellent technique for increasing self awareness and loosening the grip of the mind’s continuous thought process. This awareness by and by opens the doors of Inner Bliss.

    This Meditation technique is created by the Contemporary Enlightened Mystic- Shri Anandmurti Gurumaa. Her Website is . You can visit it for gaining insight into easy and effective Meditation techniques.

    The link for Beyond Boundaries Meditation is – .

    You can listen to the audio demo also and download it if you are interested. The meditation is of around 1 hour duration and contains easy to do steps and music to aid the meditation. With repeated practice, the meditativeness can be kept in any situation.

    Best Regards,

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