Posted by: Vijay | August 19, 2008

Your Gateway to Inner Bliss – Urja Meditation

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One of the most common issues that the modern man of the 21st century faces in his daily life is Stress and Inner Restlessness. We are unable to sit even for a few moments in a silent and tranquil state, except at the time of sleep. Hence, we can see that sleep is so relaxing and we come out of sleep so refreshed and full of new energy.


The reason why sleep is so relaxing is that the mind comes to a state of total silence and inactivity during the deepest point of sleep. At this point of deep sleep, even dreams are not present. This dreamless stage of sleep is the one which gives immense relaxation to the tired body and mind. Even though this state of dreamless sleep is not more than 10-15 minutes for the average person in a whole night of sleep.


Now this state of blissful sleep can be enhanced and prolonged if we include in our daily routine, some meditation techniques which are able to throw out the hidden feelings of frustration, anger and repressions from our mind. These pent up emotions keep on accumulating everyday from various sources, even though we are not aware that they are piling up within us. So, we urgently need to keep such negative feelings from piling up within us, as they have a highly destructive effect on our physical and emotional health in the long run.


There is a beautiful technique of Meditation called Urja Meditation or Dynamic Meditation to help us out of this situation. “Urja” is a Hindi word and it means “Energy”. Urja Meditation is an active meditation which involves strong and forceful exhalations. It is based on the Yogic breathing technique called Kapalbhati. By this style of breathing and exhalations, a deep catharsis of the mind takes place. Layers upon layers of frustrations, repressions, anxiety and hidden turmoil of the mind gets released out.


This inner cleansing process leads to a state of great silence and inner peace and tranquillity. The mind becomes relaxed, energized and blissful. We are free from the inner chattering of the mind which goes on at all time. The Awareness levels of the mind increase and we become more sharp towards our surroundings. The special kind of breathing also brings great physical benefits to our digestive system, eyes, lungs and to the glandular system.


The technique needs to be done with great conviction to reap the maximum benefits of the meditation. The meditation is devised by the Contemporary Enlightened Mystic – Anandmurti Gurumaa. The meditation is backed by soulful music and easy to follow instructions, which make it a joyful experience.


Urja Meditation is an excellent meditation which can be done on a standalone basis or it can also be accompanied with other meditation techniques. It supplements them very beautifully and highly benefits the meditator. Meditation is not an activity to focus on a particular object, but it’s a state of being with oneself totally and in the present moment. This releases all restlessness and the state of higher consciousness brings ecstatic experiences to the meditator.


Urja Meditation is a great and an easy way for the beginner to leapfrog into the so called “difficult” world of meditation. Thus even the most common person who is busy in the day to day affairs can reap the immense benefits of meditation. It is no longer the monopoly of the sages and saints in the deepest caves of the Himalayas.


A comprehensive outline of various meditation techniques and their immense benefits has been given in the website . A look at it can open new vistas and bring total freedom from stressful living.



  1. In regards to the first couple of paragraphs, is this suggesting that you can bypass sleep for meditation. If this is true, or has been completed before, how long do you have to meditate for?

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  2. Urja Meditation or Energy Meditation has a highly beneficial impact on the whole functioning of the Body as it throws out all negative conditionings, repressions, anger, frustration,etc. So, our daily sleep becomes highly relaxing and a beautiful experience.

    But it does not take the place of Sleep itself, we cannot bypass sleep. One thing does happen, that is if earlier we used to be totally fresh and rejuvenated in say 8 hours sleep, then with the regular practise of Urja Meditation we can achieve the same freshness in 5-6 hours of sleep.

    The full benefits of Urja Meditation start flowing right from the first session, and deeper gains start coming with regular practise.

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