Posted by: Vijay | August 5, 2008

Ancient Secret Technique of Unparalled Mental Focus Revealed : Tratak

We live in a fast paced world, and to achieve success in this ever changing dynamic world, we need to keep abreast of the latest technological developments happening globally as well as keep learning new skills to be smart and competent in our careers. All this is not possible if we do not have these 3 key qualities in ourselves- Focus, Concentration and an Excellent Memory.

There are many people who desire success in their life, but who do not have the above qualities in them or they have them in very less degree. The result is that they just keep repeating the same mistakes in life and never are able to see what is keeping them away from outstanding success. Their mind is hazy and they are not clear about their goals, leave aside how to achieve them. They are surrounded by knowledge to make success a reality and excellent opportunities from all sides, but they can’t see the goldmines around them.

The need of the times is that we work upon improving these 3 essential qualities in ourselves, then success follows like a shadow. A very easy and potent technique of achieving these amazing qualities is – “Tratak”. It is an ancient yogic technique. The literal meaning of the word “ Tratak” is a constant gaze. By the regular practise of this simple technique, one achieves many other benefits like a balanced mind, blissful emotions, mental clarity, a sense of fulfilment, intution and creativity.

Tratak is a boon for the student community as their learning process becomes very easy and they have to put in less efforts into their studies. The mind becomes like a clean sponge and with excellent retaining capacity, thus whatever knowledge they expose it to, easily gets grasped and stored. Their observation power and sharpness increase, thus they excel in whichever field that they are.

The practise of Tratak also has excellent beneficial impact on the eyes. The vision becomes sharper. It also has positive effects on the functioning of the glands. Their secretions get balanced , resulting in a healthier mind and body. Digestive system also improves and a general feeling of Bliss and Lightness prevails throughout the day. Nothing seems like difficult and every task becomes as easy as breathing is for the body.

In the East, this technique has been practised since many centuries, but the Western world has been highly unaware of this secret technique. It is a heartening fact that why should people desirous of success, not be able to achieve it when such a simple and potent technique exists. Just 20 minutes of practise put in daily can work marvels. A musical guided Tratak CD with instructions makes the whole practise a very joyful affair.

A comprehensive guide of benefits and methodology of Tratak is outlined in the website . A glimpse at it can open the doors to a whole new world of outstanding success. The regular practise of Tratak raises the consciousness levels and prepares the ground for much higher states of Blissful living.



  1. i want to learn the tratak yoga. do CD is available from the ASHRAM?
    If it is available , in the market , then in what name .
    for a learner is it ok & whwt precation i have to adopt for practice.
    i am a software Engg. so can i practice the TRATAK.
    Please mail me all details .

    with regards,


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