Posted by: Vijay | July 28, 2008

The Gurumaa Ashram: Living Buddhafield for Unparalled Spiritual Revolution

Ashram” is a sanskrit word which means a place where a realized Spiritual Master resides along with his disciples and seekers of truth. Hence it can be called as a place where the spiritual vibrations are so positive that they serve as a catalyst for the spiritual growth of the meditator. India is an ancient land and its sages have been on the quest of self realization since many thousands of years, using meditation as a tool to raise their self consciousness. India thus has a subtle vibe of meditativeness that has been generated by the collective efforts of all these great people. 

Although there are a lot of Ashrams all over India, where the seekers are engaged in their search for the ultimate truth, the Gurumaa ashram in gannaur, India has a lot of unique things to offer to the visitors that are very hard to find elsewhere. It’s the place where the realized Guru and mystic –  Anandmurti Gurumaa resides and guides the disciples on the path of spiritual revolution.


The Gurumaa Ashram

The Gurumaa Ashram


Its an outstanding place and is an experience that’s unparalled. Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, one gets a window to come across the silence and bliss within. Its located in gannaur district, Haryana and has big gardens and ponds. A pollution free place and full of fresh air and the singing of birds of many species make one feel in connection with this beautiful existance. 

It’s the place where meditations are held regularly and are done collectively by the disciples and visitors under the guidance of Gurumaa. Meditations are done in the divine presence of Gurumaa or as a pre-recorded audio meditation sittings. For the physical rejuvenation and eternal youth, Yoga sessions are held in the early morning in open air. 

Accomodation is available within the ashram, which is quite comfortable and hygienic. All the ashramites and visitors gather together at the time of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cuisine served is light, healthy and very conducive to meditation. The effort is to foster awareness in each of our activites and make meditation a part of our daily routine and as natural as breathing is for the body. 

The stay in the ashram gives a big boost and positive direction to the spiritual growth of the visitor. The aura and spiritual heights of the Master , have the effect of raising the disciple’s aura and the inner altitude of his consciousness. This is the thing that even the most advance meditators seek , and is very hard to find elsewhere. It is in this sense that the Gurumaa Ashram is unique. The presence of the Realized Master makes it a living Buddhafield.            

Many of Gurumaa’s audio discourses and videos are available at her website . A look at these gives a glimpse of her dynamic personality and her extraordinary teachings, which act like seeds which totally transform us and lead to a spiritual enhancement within. 





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