Posted by: Vijay | July 28, 2008

7 extraordinary things that I learnt in the Gurumaa Ashram

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The Gurumaa Ashram is an outstanding and unique place for self transformation for a better self, better health and wealth. It is the residing place of the enlightened Mystic Anandmurti Gurumaa, and the place where she imparts her spiritual guidance and knowledge to all visitors and disciples.

I had a visit to the ashram a few days ago and my stay there was of around 3 weeks. I was very impressed by the meditative atmosphere of the ashram and the bliss that prevails in the ashram. Its an vibrant place with a lot of lush gardens and ponds. Birds of more than 50 species flock in the big gardens of the ashram and their singing and chirping makes one feel connected with the nature.

Among many things that I learnt in my ashram visit, these are the ones I would like to highlight-
1. Meditativeness: Its in the very air of the ashram. Meditations are held and practised at regular intervals in the ashram everyday. Every attempt is made to foster awareness in even the most mundane of daily routine tasks like eating, bathing, talking, walking, sitting silently, etc.

2. A sense of brotherhood: The disciples staying in the ashram are very loving, helpful and cooperative. Their conduct is highly appreciable and their devotion towards the Guru is something to yearn for.

3. Teamwork: In a workshop for youngsters and the youth, many activities were held where it was evident that teamwork is in the necessary ingredient for success in life.

4. Compassion: Not only are the visitors in the ashram served with healthy food, but also the animal and birds there like dogs, crows, fishes, etc also get their share of food. This gives a valuable lesson in compassion and teaches us that man and nature should live in close harmony.

5. Discipline: The routine in the ashram is strict and following it, one learns the importance of time and discipline in one’s life. Only on the foundation of strict discipline can the mega skyscraper of outstanding success be built.

6. Yoga and healthy living: Yoga sessions are held every morning in fresh air. It has a highly rejuvenating effect on the inner and outer body and shows that healthy living is within every individual’s reach and one does’nt need to ever visit the doctor for achieving that.

7. Inner Bliss: The biggest thing I learnt in the ashram is that true happiness and ecstasy lies within myself, in my inner core of consciousness and that I need’nt seek it in the outer pursuits. It has given me true independence and a sense of clarity.

The trip to the Gurumaa ashram was very fruitful and opened new vistas in my life. It gave my life a new and deeper meaning and taught me that life could be lived in a much more joyous and extraordinary manner, one need’nt waste life on things like sadness, tensions and worries. Meditation gives us the glimpse of our inner happiness.

The teachings of Anandmurti Gurumaa are available on her website in audio and video format. A look at these gives us a glimpse on her dynamic and vibrant personality.


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