Posted by: Vijay | July 22, 2008

21 Beautiful Days in an Indian Ashram – An Unforgettable Experience

The Gurumaa ashram in gannaur is a living Buddhafield and it’s the place where the contemporary mystic – Anandmurti Gurumaa resides and it’s the place where she imparts spiritual guidance to her disciples. Full of lush green and beautiful gardens and serene ponds, the ashram vibrates with a silent harmony between existence and man. The atmosphere calms and soothes the being within and opens new doors to a whole new understanding of oneself.

Gurumaa Ashram

Gurumaa Ashram

I visited the ashram a few days back and my stay there was of around 3 weeks. It was the most beautiful and rewarding experience I had in my life. The daily routine in the ashram is divided into many activities which are scheduled and made known to the resident disciples and visitors, when they check in. Accommodation is available within the ashram premises for a very nominal charge, and is very comfortable and hygienic.


            The morning begins at 5 am, yoga sessions are held during that time. Group Yoga and breathing exercises in open air are done in this time, which has a highly beneficial impact on our inner and outer body health. It helps in rejuvenating our youth and makes us feel so energetic and connected with the universe. The yoga session is followed by “Aarti” (Prayers), it is like words of gratitude offered by the disciples to the Master and a thanksgiving to the Almighty for all the blessings that he has showered on us.


            After that, meditations are scheduled at an interval of 1 hour and it includes meditations like breath awareness, Aum meditation, silent meditations and many more which are held at specific days of the week. Adequate time is given to the visitors for rest in between the meditations. Breakfast, lunch and dinner times are fixed and all the residents in the ashram get together at these times for having the food. The food served is light, healthy and delicious and the ingredients used are organic and the freshest available.


            In most of the days in the ashram, when Gurumaa is present , she gives some time to meet the devotees and answer their questions pertaining to spiritual growth. At other times when a meditation workshop is being held, Gurumaa gives spiritual discourses to the disciples and answers their queries. These discourses are recorded live and the sessions are available later in audio and video format. These can be purchased from the ashram center or online from, which is their official website.

Gurumaa Ashram

Gurumaa Ashram

I would like to add that the organised manner in which all the activities are held in the ashram, the food, the gardens, meditations, Yoga, the birds and flowers and above all the love and compassion of the master, they all have a combined effect and leads to an inner transformation of the visitor and gives him an inner push towards increased awareness and enlightenment. It’s an experience beyond words and can be best known by its experience itself.





  1. After reading your experience, i feel like going to the ashram and enrich my life, feel this amazing experience n get transformed in the feet of Master. learn to purify our body n soul by meditations n yoga.
    meeting an enlightened Master in real is different from listening or watching discourse.
    its amazing n i wud never want to miss it.
    U are very lucky Vijay, n thanks for
    sharing this beautiful experience u’v had in Gurumaa’s Ashram.

  2. Thanks vijay for sharing ur experience with us. Agar dharti par swarg hai to wo Gurumaa Ashram Gannur main hi hai.

    So, i wish every body to go there and feel the energy of our Mystic Guru.

  3. Whenever I visit in ashram, I feel like as if I am dreaming. The chirping of birds, the wide sky above, greenery of plants all around, that water pond, looks so beautiful, and above all presence of our dearest guruji, Anandmurti Gurumaa.

    I wish, each & every truth seeker, can come to quench his/her thirst to know who am I, what is truth, who is god, how can one come out of fear of death and all, how can one sit for meditation, how can we purify our heart, how can the fire of love spark in our hearts?

    Here, sharing some blogs, hope you’ll find them interesting:

  4. Each time I visit Ashram I feel as though I have reached heaven. Dil chahta hai, kabhi na beete chamkile din, kabhi na rahen ham guru-bhai bahenon ke bin!Each dawn is coloured by the grace of my Guru and each dusk is magical, transformed by the aarti which ends the day on a reverential note!I flit from my room to the yoga session, to the aarti, to the meditation, for breakfast, for seva, for darshans, for talks, for rest, then start the routine all over again, barefeet and full of enthusiasm. Its as if I was reborn. All the people I meet at Ashram seem to be dear friends from the past. And Guruji ofcourse a benevolent teacher, guide, messenger, helping us, holding her hands out to us, guiding us out of the bondage which the sansara has bound us in.Come let us join hands with Guruji to break the bondage of many many births and walk steadfastly towards the promised land!

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